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YOU NEED WORK DONE. You realized that you need to get some work done on your vehicle. It could be as simple as changing your oil and rotating your tires. It may also be changing out some bad wheel bearings or ball joints. Or maybe you are modifying your car and installing a new exhaust system or a turbo!


YOU NEED TO RENT A BAY. Once you have determined that you need to get some work done you need to get a bay booked! You can schedule something or you can just pop on in!  You can get ahold of us at 920-544-4001. You can also just stop by our location at 1920 Verlin Road, Bellevue WI. Often times there is no need for an appointment. The cost for a bay with basic tools and a hoist is $35 per hour. If you can't complete your job or need a part you can pull or roll your vehicle out of the shop and you won't be charged anymore. If you can't finish before we close, the charges stop until the following morning when we open.


WHAT TOOLS DO YOU NEED? We realize that some jobs will require more tools than other jobs. So either before or after you book your bay, you can stop by and take a look at our offerings. Each bay includes around 500 tools, air line and a vehicle hoist. We understand that many new car parts don't come with printed copies of directions so we include a smart tv in each bay so you can stream directions to install your new car part right in your bay. We also have additional tools that you can rent if you need something above and beyond what each bay comes with. 


NEED MORE THAN WE OFFER? We got you covered! If you run into an issue and are not able to repair your vehicle yourself, we partner with a few full service auto shops that can tow your vehicle to them and complete the repair. If you need a part, we have a great relationship with the parts companies in the area and can get you set up with what you need. Need a specialty tool we don't have? Not a problem! Most of the local parts companies rent out the tools you may need. 


COMPLETING YOUR VISIT. Once you have completed your repairs you will need to wipe off the tools and make sure they are put back where they belong. You will need to sweep and clean up your area so its back to the same condition that it was before you started. After you have completed these tasks the attendant will walk through and verify everything was done and get you checked out. Please be aware that any missing tools or abused/broken tools will be charged to you. We do understand that sometimes things break from wear and tear so we do take that into consideration.  
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